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The Advantages of Machined Plastic Parts

The Advantages of Machined Plastic Parts

Plastic is an important material for several industries such as electronics, packaging, transportation, and construction. Companies will use it to create parts for furniture, safety equipment, toys, plumbing, and much more. However, to those unaware of the benefits of plastic, you might assume that metal would be a better material to use. To understand why so many industries utilize plastic, continue reading about the advantages of machined plastic parts.

Machined Plastic is Affordable

Compared to other raw materials, plastic (a specific type of polymer) is a lot less expensive. Therefore, as long as you know how much material you need and how to operate the necessary machinery, you will not have to spend a lot of money on creating plastic parts. However, you may think that repairing any machinery would make this method a lot more expensive. The truth is, the equipment used is easy to maintain and the process is precise, so you don’t have to worry about constant downtime or spending money on more material. So, you will save money in the long run. Additionally, thanks to its light weight, machining plastic is better than machining metal, as it costs less to export. As such, it helps those who need to complete offshore tasks distribute products overseas with little issue.

Machining Plastic Takes Less Time than Molding It

Another huge benefit of machining plastic parts rather than using molding is that it reduces mistakes. The fabrication process is not only done quickly, but it is able to produce consistent, precise parts, so you’ll spend less time having to correct them. This is all thanks to the repetition involved in the manufacturing process. Molding plastic, on the other hand, increases the chance of both mistakes and injuries occurring. Therefore, you might spend more time redoing your parts and shopping for new material. Further, if you get injured, you might spend a lot of time out of work to recover from your injuries.

Machined Plastic is Easily Accessible

The natural materials that make up plastic are in high supply, and thankfully, it can be made efficiently. This efficiency allows manufacturers to always make enough plastic for companies to sell at stores. And with so much supply, stores can afford to sell it for a lower cost than metal. As such, plastic is accessible to a wide range of individuals, so many different industries can use it to create products that help people complete everyday tasks. It allows us to buy school and office supplies, hygiene products, sports equipment, computers, toys, electronics, etc.

Machining Plastic Produces Less Waste than Other Methods

Since machining plastics parts prevents mistakes from happening, it means that you will use less material. Therefore, you avoid throwing away extra materials and polluting the environment. In addition to less material waste, machining plastics is faster than molding plastic or making metal. Therefore, fewer fuel emissions will be released into the environment. Less waste and fewer toxic chemicals from machining plastic might not sound like a huge deal; however, just a little bit of effort from one person’s part can add up. Additionally, many plastic part manufacturers have eco-friendly programs in place. This could include recycling excess material, minimizing packaging waste, and having a sustainable transportation plan.

Machined Plastic Parts Are More Durable

You might think that metal is better than plastic material because it is thicker. However, even though plastic is thin and lightweight, it is more durable than metal. This is because, unlike metal, plastic is a good thermal insulator. Since plastic’s electrons move slowly and can only be moved from using vibrations, it does not produce heat. Therefore, it can regulate temperatures in businesses that rely on maintaining a specific environment. Furthermore, plastic is a good electrical insulator. So, thanks to all of plastic’s insulation properties, everyday products such as toys, hairbrushes, hairdryers, dishwashing machines, and laundry appliances are easier and safer to use. Overall, plastic’s durability and flexibility allow it to make items of many shapes.

Machined Plastic is Chemical-Resistant

Without extra finishing and coating, metal parts are unable to stand up against common chemicals. Polymer materials such as plastic, on the other hand, are chemical-resistant, which means it will not have an unsafe chemical reaction. Thus, plastic products can last longer under tough situations—even some of the harshest chemicals out there won’t damage plastic parts. As such, industries that deal with chemicals and intense processing procedures will choose plastic over metal because they don’t need to worry about paying extra to protect the parts as well as constantly having to replace them.

Machined Plastic Parts Allow for Radiolucency

For industries where precision is incredibly important while working in high-stress environments, plastic material proves to be a better choice over metal. This is because it’s radiolucent, meaning it permits the passage of radiant energy without being harmful. Plastic parts offer a clear view for the user, so they can see exactly what they’re working with. Metal parts would only obstruct their view, leading to the possibility of mistakes, which could be detrimental during operations that require precision.

Why You Should Choose Miller Plastics’ Services

Now that you know about the advantages of machined plastic parts, you are ready to choose a plastic machining service. Millers Plastic Products offers a high-quality plastic parts service that uses modern technology as well as conventional machining methods to meet your machining needs. We offer competitive prices and sell many products such as lathes, parts from all types of plastics, custom plastic parts, and will provide a full post-production inspection report. You can rest assured that your products will not leave the store with sharp or non-machined edges.

We highly value your choice to shop with us. As such, to ensure that you receive perfect parts, we inspect your order with a full 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Using our regular CMM, we scan parts and gears that help us create precise models. Further, with a laser-scanner, we can also digitize your parts. All in all, our team strives to provide you with the ultimate customer service experience.

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