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Miller Plastics Products Inc. was founded in 1969 by Donald Miller Sr. a successful entrepreneur and Plastic fabricator who wanted to start his own business. This is the amazing story of one man who started out of the garage of his house and created a multi-million dollar corporation. His mission was to take the traditional plastic manufacturing process and streamline it to be able to produce multiple parts at a reasonable price. The end result of his hard work and dedication is Miller Plastics Products Inc. as we know it today.

Over the next 5 decades, they would continue to expand and diversify from manual lathes and vacuum forming to custom plastic machining and fabrication by introducing the latest and greatest CNC machines and other state-of-the-art processes.

In 1988 Donnie Miller Son of Donald Miller came to work in the family business and brought automation to the scene. At first, it was hard to convince his father that CNC/ 3 axis & 5 axis machines were the future. But, after getting the 1st of many state-of-the-art machines they would take an upturn that would catapult them tremendously from where they were. They were able to do many parts they could never do on manual machines and also do them at a more rapid pace. This forwarded the growth of the company and also diversified them into many more areas that they had not been able to venture before.

As a result of these ongoing upgrades, Miller Plastics remains an industry-leading plastic machining, fabricating, and tank manufacturer when it comes to maximizing overall productivity, as well as achieving close tolerances and the highest levels of precision on every job. Since there was no plastic manufacturing equipment in the 1980s, Donnie and his father worked with woodworking and metalworking equipment manufacturers to develop some of the early plastic working tools and machines.

Miller Plastics has remained an industry-leading plastic tank manufacturer by accessing the best technology, maintaining a highly skilled workforce, and cultivating a loyal customer base.

Miller Plastics is located in Burgettstown, PA, 25 miles west of Pittsburgh, and near Pittsburgh International Airport.

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in our state-of-the-art, 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. It features light panel walls and skylights for natural lighting, temperature-controlled manufacturing areas, 8-ton bridge crane tower, aircraft hangar-sized door, low-dust laboratory-style flooring system, medical-grade cleanroom, part inspection rooms, and a fully-computerized project management system.

Miller Plastic Products Inc. is always ahead of our competition with the latest equipment and processes, making us your go-to partner for problem-solving and the advanced design and engineering of high-quality plastic components.

Miller Plastic Products precision-machines and fabricates high-quality plastic components, including:

Chemical Tanks

Pipe Systems

Custom Filtration Systems

Duct Work & Fume Hoods

Tanks for Yachts, Commercial Ships & Cargo Vessels

Fittings and Adapters

Plastic Machining Capabilities & Benefits

All products are manufactured from 100% virgin American-made materials. To ensure superior quality, we follow the German DVS PersZert® welding standards and have earned NSF approval.

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