At Miller Plastic Products, we specialize in the fabrication of high-quality precision-machined plastic components made to your exact specifications.

We have a wide variety of state of the art CNC machining equipment for your complex machining needs and offer conventional plastic machining for the production of high-quality plastic components at competitive prices.

Many of our custom plastic machined parts are annealed for maximum strength and durability.

We only machine plastics and non-metallic components. Nothing leaves our facility with sharp or non-machined edges.

We also offer engineering, drafting, welding, annealing, plastic polishing, molded part alterations and more, always for all of your custom plastic fabrication needs.

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Custom Plastic Machining Services

We pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest high-tech CNC machine tools. Our 5 axis capabilities allow us to machine complex parts with fewer setups saving time and money.

Our CNC Lathes are Equipped with milling heads, live tooling, and sub spindles and can turn a wide range of components from micro turning to 32 inches in diameter.

Our Milling capabilities are from micro milling up to 6-foot x 10-foot mill tables. Most of our machines are 5 axis and can machine three-dimensional parts very efficiently.

Plastic Machining Capabilities & Benefits

  • Most Materials in Stock
  • Many Products Annealed for Maximum Strength
  • Post Machining Inspection with 100% Inspection Reports Available
  • Custom Parts Made from Samples, Prints, or Sketches
  • Precision Plastic Components, Custom-Machined to Your Specifications
  • Produce Parts from All Types of Plastics
  • Complete CNC & Conventional Machining Facilities

Machining Plastics vs. Molding Plastics

  • No Expensive Molds Required
  • Difficult-to-Mold Materials Used Effectively
  • Closer Tolerances
  • Parts Design Altered Cost-Effectively
  • Accommodate Parts with Threads & Undercuts at Multiple Angles

Inspection Capabilities:

  • Full 3D CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Ability to Scan and Completely Reverse-Engineer Even Your Most Complex Parts
  • Complete Digitizing Capability With Laser-Scanner
  • CMM Can Completely Scan a Part or Gear and Produce a Useful Model
  • Ability to Scan and Completely Compare Your Parts to CAD Model

You’re always welcome to visit Miller Plastics’ state-of-the-art facilities in Burgettstown, PA, near Pittsburgh. Let us know when you’d like to come!

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