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Vespel® is a durable high-performance polyimide-based polymer (or plastic) manufactured by DuPont. The high durability and strength of Vespel has helped advance the fields of aerospace, semiconductor, and transportation technology. Vespel® plastic combines heat resistance, natural lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, creep resistance, and other properties to become a useful plastic for use in hostile conditions. Unlike most plastics, it does not outgas or melt at any temperature, which makes it useful for lightweight heat shields and crucible support. It also performs well in vacuum applications and even in extremely low cryogenic temperatures. Read more about Vespel plastic below. Request a quote for our Vespel machining services today.

Vespel Material Highlights:

  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • High wear resistance (especially SP-21)
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to radiation
  • Extremely low outgassing
  • Relatively easy to machine


  • Rotary seal rings
  • Thrust washers and discs
  • Bushings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Plungers
  • Printer wire guides
  • Spline couplings
  • Wear strips
  • Valve seats
  • Thermal and electrical insulators
  • Wafer clamping, polishing and grinding rings
  • Wafer guides & carriers
  • Vacuum pads
  • Die pickup collets
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