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Miller Plastic Products: Past, Present, and Future

Miller Plastic Products: Past, Present, and Future

Miller Plastics is an industry leader that has grown out of humble beginnings.  It all started over 40 years ago, when Don Miller started the company out of a two-car garage. Alongside his wife, Peg, they began with nothing, and through hard work and ingenuity, they built it into a great success, moving from the garage to a 20,000 square foot factory, and now a 50,000 square foot factory.

Donnie, Peg and Don’s son, and the current owner, grew up in the business, starting by drilling holes in the garage at five years old.  He officially began training in grade school and working in the company throughout his childhood and adolescence, performing every single job in the business and picking up knowledge along the way.  He’s since taken over and helped grow Miller Plastics even more, computerizing everything and bringing fresh perspective and modern thinking to an already thriving enterprise.

We continue to grow at lightning speed, with an ever-increasing range of capabilities that includes chemical handling, chemical process equipment, wet benches for silicon integrated circuits, and products for the military. In fact, we perform a lot of research and development for military products and have supplied extensive prototyping for chemical agent testing for unmanned vehicles.  With all of our capabilities, we’ve remained diversified, and therefore successful, even when US manufacturing was hit hard in recent years.

Part of what keeps us so successful is our commitment to using state-of-the-art equipment and all of the latest and greatest robotic CNC machines.  We just acquired a new 5-axis mill that now increases our capabilities in milling to 36x60x40 (look for more details about milling in an upcoming blog!).

Another thing that makes us stand out is our dedicated team of employees—all experts in their field—who have remained with us for many years and have become a part of the Miller family. They receive hands-on training in custom plastic machining, work their way up through the company, train new employees, and often stay with us for 20+ years. We just said goodbye to an employee who retired after 40 years with us!

Finally, it is our exceptional customer service and dedication to making the best quality products that makes us the successful company we are.  We pride ourselves on perfection, and guarantee our products for life.   We always ensure that our customers are happy, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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