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RV Holding Tanks for Freshwater & Wastewater

Custom Holding Tanks for RVs, Campers & Other Rec Vehicles

Recreational vehicles, or RVs and campers, have a clean water system and a waste water system. The clean water is also known as potable or fresh water; the waste water is known as black water or gray water. RVs will have separate tanks for both fresh water and waste water.

We are able to create RV holding tanks in many sizes and dimensions to conform to the specifications of RVs from many manufacturers.

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Plastic RV Tanks: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Steel

Miller plastics is able to create RV holding tanks in Plastic to replace Aluminum or Stainless.  We can custom fabricate the same-sized container out of lighter-weight plastic materials, including:

The kinds of RV holding tanks we can fabricate to your exact specifications include:


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