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Custom Plastic Pipe Bending

Miller Plastics offers custom pipe bending service both as part of larger products or as a stand-alone service.

Plastic Pipe Bending Service

Our team of highly skilled craftsman are adept in a pipe bending a variety of plastic materials, including: 

Miller Plastics has 40+ years of experience in plastic pipe fabrication. We use today's cutting-edge machinery to ensure each project is completed to the customer’s exact specifications.

We can bend plastic tubes into practically any shape and size, regardless of the intricacies of the design. Our expertise will exceed your expectations, whether your plastic pipe needs to be bent, flared, swaged, spiraled or just flattened.

We have performed plastic pipe bending for a wide variety of industrial applications, including custom filtration systems, HVAC manufacturing assemblies and many others.

Plastic Pipe Bending CompanyPost-Production Services

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