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Custom Built Wet Benches and Laboratory Accessories

Miller Plastics has the expertise, knowledge and experience to create the perfect laboratory for your specific needs. We can build wet benches, sinks, trays, counter tops and cabinet systems.Wet Bench Manufacturer Laboratory equipment

All of our lab furniture & equipment are constructed with polypropylene, an economical material that offers a combination of outstanding physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties not found in any other thermoplastic.

Polypropylene is lightweight, non-staining, and exhibits a low moisture absorption rate. It's ideal for all laboratory needs.

Wet Benches

Wet Bench Lab Furniture

We specialize in building automated wet benches in which silicon substrates are fully processed and dried by the end of the sequence.

Wet benches typically are process platforms used to carry out wet cleaning and etching operations in semiconductor processing.

They commonly consist of several tanks (or modules or “baths”), each containing either a cleaning, etching solution (for acid or solvent processing) or deionized rinsing water (DI) in which silicon wafers are immersed in a predetermined sequence that usually includes a drying process.

Lab Sinks

Lab Sink Manufacturer

Our lab sinks can feature custom-built drying racks, eye wash stations and a variety of faucet configurations.

Our lab sinks are constructed to withstand the harshest industrial & institutional applications, and touch chemical environments.

labratory furniture - Storage Bins


We can create storage systems and cabinets to meet almost any specific requirement.

We can create shelving with unlimited height adjustment, a variety of drawer configuration and plenty of sample bins.

Lab Furniture

We design and build the highest quality furniture for your laboratory environment. Our furniture is constructed out of polypropylene with non-metallic hardware, so you don’t have to worry about stains or rust. Also, since polypropylene is non-corrosive, you can be confident that your furniture is built to last.

Free Design Help

Not sure how to configure your laboratory equipment?  No problem.  Our experienced technicians are happy to work with you to determine your specific needs.  If your project is larger or complex, our staff has the ability to create AutoCAD renderings and drawings so we can meet your exact needs.

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