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Reasons To Use 3D Printing for Your Parts

Reasons To Use 3D Printing for Your Parts

As technology advances, it’s exciting to see industries discover new applications for 3D printing and watch as more materials adapt to this manufacturing method. But the main reasons to use 3D printing for your parts have remained the same from the beginning, and they are considerable. 3D printing is a process that’s good for your budget and opens up a world of design possibilities, with a future that looks even more promising.

It’s Less Expensive

With 3D printing, your bottom line has never looked better. Because it’s additive manufacturing, we’re only adding the material we need, not milling and subtracting what we don’t. That means you’ll be paying for less raw material and eliminating the expense of waste disposal. And the software programming for your custom 3D printed partsdoesn’t require new tools, forms, fixtures, or molds. All of this can add up to substantial savings.

It’s Better for Small Runs

Because 3D printing is less expensive, the price is the same no matter how many parts are produced. It’s more feasible to manufacture small runs in which you can produce as many unique parts as you need. Creating prototypes is less financially risky because it’s a simple feat to test it, tweak it, and print a new version immediately.

It’s Fast

With 3D printing, going from concept sketch to finished product takes only a matter of days, not weeks. You will save time on tooling, setting up, and preparing a build. The part is ready to ship more quickly than with traditional production methods and even allows for modifications and testing. The shorter time to market makes it possible to print on demand, too.

It’s Design Friendly

3D technology can handle more complex designs, which means fewer parts that must be bonded together and fewer potential weak spots. You can even add more functionality to your original design, combine several parts, or dream up a different form altogether. The printer accommodates your design; your design doesn’t have to conform to the limited machinery available. You can even cut out steps for assembly, as well as the costs that come with them.

Miller Plastics has been championing the reasons to use 3D printing for your parts for years and capitalizing on new technology as it revolutionizes manufacturing. It’s a process that ensures consistent quality, which is why we’re in business. If you need to produce a part or prototype, we’re happy to consult with you on your many options. Contact us or visit our state-of-the-art facilities in Burgettstown, PA, near Pittsburgh.

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