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Custom Plastic Filtration Systems

Custom Plastic Filtration Systems

At Miller Plastic Products, we are known throughout the industry for our state-of-the-art technology and capabilities. As leaders in custom industrial filtration systems, we have the expertise to produce custom plastic filter bodies made specifically to our customers’ requirements—there’s nothing we can’t do.

Made to clients’ exact specifications, our custom plastic filtration systems and other custom plastic products are designed for high chemical resistance and longevity, and no contamination. We can produce any quantity necessary, from low to high volume, and work very closely with our customers to provide everything they need

Especially useful for the chemical industry—but ideal for use in any industry—these custom filters are made to filter liquids, gases, and various chemicals. This can include drinking water applications, scrubbing acids, and much more.

Additionally, we offer custom underdrains in the filter bodies, involving the bending of pipe into round underdrains. The underdrain then evenly distributes whatever is put into it, while the filter medium extracts filtered material. These are high-quality, custom products, also made to exact specifications.

We are true experts in custom plastic fabrication, and therefore can offer the right guidance, options, and service. Combine this with our commitment to quality, and you’ll find our custom filtration systems are the best on the market today.

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