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Custom Built Plating Tanks

Plastic Plating Tanks Customized to Suit Your Exact Specifications

Miller Plastics plating tanks are constructed using 100% virgin, American-Made polypropylene and other plastic materials, which has excellent chemical-resistance in corrosive environments where there are organic solvents, degreasing agents, or electrolytic attack.

These tanks are built for the specific needs of a wide array of companies and industries. Plastic Plating Tank  

Our plating tanks feature various racks and inserts to hold your chemicals and allow for a water rinse.

Miller Plastics has the ability to fabricate custom plastic tanks of any size & any specifications that are desired. We make tanks for a variety of purposes, including acid tanks, sump tanks, drag outs, and single, double and triple rinse tanks.

At Miller Plastics, we pride ourselves on perfection and guarantee our products!

Pickling Tanks

Pickling tanks, or galvanizing tanks, are used to remove impurities from various metal components. Since pickling requires a strong acid solution, we build our tanks with polypropylene, which is able to withstand highly corrosive environments.

Our pickling tanks are built for longevity by Miller Plastics, an industry leader with 40+ years experience in the plastic fabrication industry.

We can build a tank to your exact specifications and install it for you as well.  

Custom Plating Tank

Secondary Containment Tanks

Miller Plastics manufactures secondary containment tanks that offer a safe back up incase of a leak in one of the main tanks. 

We can produce containment tanks in virtually any size, shape and containment-capacity you desire. We offer a variety of styles including pit-lined and self-supporting tanks. 

Tank Construction

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