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Annealing & Stress Relieving Services

Value-Add Services: Annealing, Thermoforming & More!

At Miller Plastics, we're your single source for the fabrication and precision machining of plastic products and components.

We also have the ability to design products and components that meet your specifications and help you manage inventory.

Value-Add Services


Annealing - We Relieve Your Stress

Annealing is the process of stress relief in plastics. Annealing plastics can increase the longevity of your machined plastic parts and components, saving you time and money!

At Miller Plastics, we carefully analyze each part to determine the best annealing method for your application requirements.

We understand the success of your plastic parts depends on the success of our processes.


Annealing is ideal for several fabrication methods, including:

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Thermoforming is the process of heating and forming many of today's modern plastic materials into highly useful and cost effective parts such as control panels, displays and many others.

The automated process achieves faster cycle times than in other forming processes.

Only thermoplastic sheet can be processed by this method.

The plastic sheet is softened at the heating station. It then indexes to the forming station where the mold tools are located. The forming of the sheet is by a combination of air pressure and vacuum.

Many thermoplastics can be thermoformed; they include Polystyrene, Kydex®, Apet, Lexan®, Cpet, and PVC.

Co-extrusions of these materials are commonly used to provide precise properties for specific applications.

Machine Capabilities

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Miller Plastics Advantages

Miller Plastics delivers the best overall value in quality, custom-formed plastic parts, fabricated plastic products & plastic machining.

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