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At Miller Plastics, we take pride in our ability to deliver plastic components that are machined to our client’s exacting standards, because we use state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Our team of expert machinists are skilled at creating parts that fit tight tolerances and are consistently produced over high volumes.

Our CNC department is cost-effective and no job is too big or too small. CNC plastic routers ensure high-speed automated routing of all types of plastics, and we can cut plastics to meet any design requirements – from simple cuts to complex shapes.

Our plastic machining capabilities and benefits include:

  • Most Materials in Stock
  • State-of-the-Art Computerized Machinery
  • Produce Parts from All Types of Plastics
  • Many Products Annealed for Maximum Strength
  • Custom Parts Made from Samples, Prints, or Sketches
  • Complete CNC & Conventional Machining Facilities
  • Post Machining Inspection with 100% Inspection Reports Available
  • Precision Plastic Components, Custom-Machined to Your Specifications


We offer many different types of CNC machining processes including:

In addition, our machining department is equipped with a range of capabilities including CAD design, CAM programming and 3D programing.

Our CNC plastic machining equipment can process a wide range of components from micro turning to 32 inches in diameter.

Equipped with milling heads, live tooling and sub spindles, Miller Plastics' CNC machines can complete many components with fewer setups and more efficient cycle times than traditional production methods. The best and most consistent components in precision plastic machining are produced at Miller Plastics' facility in Burgettstown, PA, near Pittsburgh.

Our plastic CNC machining service can process almost any type of plastic including:

We have more than four decades of producing quality components for companies in a variety of industries including military, aerospace, automotive, marine, and chemical processing.

Our services meet high industry standards and are ISO and SAE compliant.

We invite you to inquire about our superior plastic-CNC-machining or any of our secondary services, including assembly, annealing, NSF-compliancy and design assistance.

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CNC plastic machining equipment
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