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Plastic Fabrication vs. Stainless Steel

Steel has long been trusted choice by industries for its strength and reliability. Today, in many applications, plastic can provide the same or even better performance of steel at a lower cost and shorter lead time. Employing plastics where well-matched, can have considerable time and cost saving while improving manufacturing and processing capabilities. Understand the advantages of plastic machining and fabrication over stainless steel.

Plastics and Welding Join Together to Create a Lasting Bond in Industry

Let’s face it: When you hear the word “welding,” it’s rare for the word “plastics” to immediately come to mind with it – unless you’re working in the plastics industry. Like the welding process involved in metal fabrication, plastics fabrication involves welding methods and skills, too. But, you’re working with plastic parts and pieces, instead of metals, and the plastic welding process uses hot…

Saving the Future of American Manufacturing

By now, most of us have heard that American manufacturing is coming back, and that innovation and technology are driving the industry ahead. However, we’re also hearing about the negative and very real prospect of a skilled labor shortage. Current numbers show there is already a shortage, and it’s only expected to grow.

According to ThomasNet’s 2013 Industry Market Barometer, “75% of respondents…

How to Keep Business Operations Flowing with Eductors


Emptying tanks or sumps? Blending liquids? If your business involves the pumping, mixing and/or agitating of motive fluids or suction fluids of any kind, eductors play an important role in maximizing flow efficiency in your…

Custom Plastic Filtration Systems

At Miller Plastic Products, we are known throughout the industry for our state-of-the-art technology and capabilities. As leaders in custom plastic filtration systems, we have the expertise to produce custom plastic filter bodies made specifically to our customers’ requirements—there’s nothing we can’t do.

Made to clients’ custom specifications, our plastic filtration systems are designed…

So, What Is a Silicon Wet Bench?

Wet benches typically are fully automatic process platforms used to carry out wet cleaning and etching operations…

Got a Broken Gear? We Can Custom-Design a Plastic Gear to Replace It!

Today’s manufacturers know that if your equipment has a broken or worn out gear, finding a replacement can be challenging – especially if your equipment is older or custom-made. It doesn’t have to be this way, and there is a solution: Using a reverse-engineering process with the latest manufacturing technology, a plastic gear can be laser scanned and precisely duplicated…

It’s About Time [And Saving Money]: New Lathe Does turning and Milling Too!

Lathe machine

Times have changed and technology has changed with it. It’s important to always focus on efficiency and be committed to employing the latest technology in order to best serve your…

Miller Plastic Products: Past, Present, and Future

Miller Plastics is an industry leader that has grown out of humble beginnings. It all started over 40 years ago, when Don Miller started the company out of a two-car garage. Alongside his wife, Peg, they began with nothing, and through hard work and ingenuity, they built it into a great success, moving from the garage to a 20,000 square foot factory, and now a 50,000 square foot factory.

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CNC plastic fabricating equipment Our state-of-the-art CNC plastic fabricating and machining equipment ensures production of the most accurate close-tolerance parts available anywhere.
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